You Deserve Lasting Relief From Sinusitis Symptoms

What are the Sinuses, and what is Sinusitis?

The sinuses are empty spaces in the face that surround the inside of the nose and lie above, below, between, and behind the eyes. No one is sure why we have sinuses. But it is likely that they exist to lighten and give strength to the facial bones.

These empty spaces/holes within the facial skeleton are lined with a very thin layer of cells which are constantly making mucus. These secretions then drain into the nose through tiny passageways. Each sinus has a single small passageway for drainage.

If these tiny passageways are blocked for any reason, mucus will build up within the sinus, providing a food source for bacteria to grow. This creates an infection which can become chronic, or may resolve and then reoccur over and over again. Often, repeated or chronic sinus infections will cause permanent narrowing of the sinus drainage pathways, resulting in a vicious cycle of infection and inflammation. Inflammation of the sinuses is the definition of sinusitis…. Learn more

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Everyone gets a cold periodically from viruses that attack the nose and sinuses. Sometimes a cold will lead to a bacterial sinusitis that requires antibiotics or other medications for resolution.

But about 1 in 8 people (more than 40 million Americans) are afflicted with chronic or frequently recurrent sinusitis that often will not respond to appropriately prescribed medications. These people may feel as though they have a cold which never goes away. The vast majority of these chronic sufferers are not properly diagnosed or treated.


The San Diego Sinus Center is a part of Coronado Ear, Nose & Throat.

We are a practice focused on the application of the latest advances as well as the provision of the best possible patient experience. We value your time and strive to see patients exactly on time, as you should expect. We do not overbook.

We pride ourselves on the adoption of the latest technologies that will improve your treatment. This includes an in-office sinus CT scanner which allows a detailed evaluation of the sinuses in less than 30 seconds and emits 82% less radiation than conventional scanners. We also use advanced image guidance navigation technology that allows Dr. Scheurer to see exactly where his instruments are inside your nose at all times as he performs procedures. These technologies are available in very few ENT offices.

We have no physician extenders such as physician assistants or nurse practitioners in the practice. You will see a board-certified otolaryngologist (Dr. Scheurer) exclusively for all of your ENT care.

We invite a frank discussion of your concerns and questions with the goal of ensuring you have a full understanding of your medical problem. A thorough understanding is important in helping you follow through on your treatment recommendations and in communicating how you are doing with the treatment recommended.

Coordination with primary care physicians is very important. Accordingly, we communicate findings and recommendations to your primary care doctor in a timely fashion so that everyone is “on the same page” and we are always available to provide additional information about your care as needed.

Medicare and the following PPOs are currently accepted: United Healthcare, Tricare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and HealthNet.